Friday, January 14, 2011

Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out with a Welcome Tab - Kansas City Dog Photography

Ever wonder how those major companies like Oreo are able to create the coolest tabs on their Facebook fan pages? Well I wondered the same thing and did some research and created a simple one for my page. If you have advanced html knowledge, you can make your new tabs very extensive with clickable links, etc. This tutorial is going to be more simple.

Most of the below information came from a tutorial from I have simplified it some and added my own tips based on experience as well.

1) Getting Started
First, you need to add the FBML application to your Facebook page. If you have trouble finding that application on Facebook, just go to this FBML Static Facebook Fan Page and hit "add to my page" under the question mark image.

2) Create a Promo Image in Photoshop

The maximum width allowed for an image is 520 pixels. The image I created was 520 pixels wide by 750 height.

3) Setting Up Static FBML as a Tab
To set up your FBML tab, click on “Edit Page” under your Facebook page logo/avatar located on your wall.

Click the “Apps” section and locate the FBML app and click “Edit Settings” (see below). Make sure that the “Tab” setting is “added”. You now have an FBML tab. Click Okay.

4) Adding Content to Your Static FBML Tab
After you add the tab and hit "okay", click the “Go to App” link under the Static FBML app. This opens a standard text field where you can add your content. “Box Title” will be the name of your tab, so you’ll want to change it to something appropriate, like “Welcome."

The FBML box is where you put your code. When adding an image in the FBML box, I typically use Photobucket to host the image. The maximum width for an image in the FBML tab is 520 pixels. There is no maximum height, but you will most likely want to keep the scrolling to a minimum so that potential clients can get the message without having to scroll down on your page. Upload the image you created (step #2 above) to a Photobucket ( account.

Next, you want to use this code:

Replace the xxxxx with the direct link to your uploaded Photobucket image (you can find this under the image in Photobucket). Be sure to leave the quote marks around the image link though. I found that html is very touchy with the quote marks, so do not copy and paste, but rather type the quote marks in the FBML box.

5) How to Set the FBML Box as the Default Landing Tab
The option of setting your FBML tab as the default landing tab, rather than the wall, is one of the most important enhancements you can make to your Facebook page. In order to set your FBML tab as your default landing page, go to “Edit Page” under your Facebook page logo and scroll down to “Manage Permissions." You’ll notice a section called “Default Landing Tab.” From the dropdown list, choose your newly created tab. Then click "save changes." Visitors who are not fans of your page will see your newly created FBML tab. Visitors who are fans will land on your wall.


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